Welcome to WasteInkPads.com. We offer instant download software solutions to a range of Epson printer issues relating to waste ink pads. For more information on why the waste ink pad problem occurs, please read further below. The box below allows you to search for your printer or you can browse all available printers from our Select Printer page. If we do not list your printer, you will not be able to get our instant fix service, but please contact us and we will try to source your reset as soon as possible.

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ALL RESETS ARE REUSABLE, unless, marked as WIC. Wherever possible, we try and sell reusable resets - unless there is no reset available. Only then, will we provide a WIC (single-use) reset.

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How To Fix a Waste Ink Pad Error Or a Waste Ink Counter Error

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2 How to Fix

3 Replacing Ink Pads

3.1 Washing Ink Pads

3.2 Installing a Waste Ink Box

4 What Happens When I Buy A Reset

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